Loose Leaf Tea Blends $15/2oz

Juno Tea -Bladder Support

Ahimsa Tea -Immune Boost

Nidra Tea Sleep and Relax Blend

Lakshmi Blend

Peace Tea

Shakti Tea

Prana Tea - Supports respiratory function

Zen Tea - Our own Chai blend

Tinctures $20/1oz



Immune Boosting, Supports Heart Health, Cancer Prevention, Allergy Relief


Anti Viral, Anti Biotic, Anti Fungal


Improves Mood, Reduces Anxiety, Improves Quality of Sleep, Cardiovascular Support


Reduces Stress,Better Sleep Quality , Reduce Inflammation, Reduce Cortisol, Improve Cognitive Function

Infused Oils $30/10 oz

Calendula Oil

Speeds up healing,  soothing, anti inflammatory, antibacterial oil.

Violet, Dandelion Oil

Calming, relaxing, relieves inflammation in muscles, joints,  rheumatic ache and pain relief, lymphatic massage oil

St John’s Wort Oil

Healing, relaxing, relieves muscle pain and stress, use on burns, cuts abrasions, massage oil

Mullein Oil

Relieves rheumatic joint pain, skin salve, burn salve, massage oil, Sooths inflamed skin, chest rub for coughs, ear aches

Magnesium Oil

Relieves muscle soreness,  Relieves headaches, Relieves migraines, smooths skin, Supports restful sleep

Yoni Steam $12/ 1 oz

Herbal Yoni Steam

This is a go to blend for overall womb wellness.

Rose, Yarrow, Motherwort, Calendula, Rosemary, Lavender, Basil, Camomile

Herbal Powdered Concentrates $20/2oz


Golden Milk Mix

This golden tonic is a special blend of ayurvedic herbs specifically combined to rejuvenate the body and ease its response to daily stress.

Mudlahara Un-coffee mix

Adaptogenic herbs blend together to fool your senses into thinking you are enjoying coffee, when really it’s a dosha supporting tonic that will leave you energized and revitalized without an afternoon crash. All energy. All the time.

Chaga Hot Cocoa Mix

Chaga Mushrooms, Raw cacao, Coconut milk are the base ingredients of this superfood treat. The kids devour this stuff. Do NOT tell them what’s in it.

Anti Inflammatory Blend

This is our special blend that customized depending on each clients needs.

Esta’s Adaptogentic Blend

Formulated for our beautiful friend,  this smooth blend of  raw cacao and adaptogenic herbs is mixed together to be easily added in a smoothie, coffee, yogurt or whatever to give you that mood balancing boost we all need.  

Diva Beauty Elixir Blend

A collagen rich blend with Chaga, Cordyceps, Hibiscus, add this to your morning coffee or smoothie for a vibrant skin and a youthful glow, anti-inflammatory blend reduces redness, & improves elasticity, & reduces the signs of aging.

Diva Beauty Vitamin C Smoothie Blend

A tart berry blend high in vitamin C, D and E, Omega 7’s and antioxidants, that are instantly bio-available and assists in collagen production, aids in boosting the immune system, will firm up the skin and support the production of thick, shiny hair.  Camu Camu, Schissandra Berry, Sea Buckthorn.

I add this to my water and drink throughout the day.


Herbal Smoke Blends $20/ 1oz

Lovefool-Mullein, Damiana, Coltsfoot, Mugwort, Rose

Pixiedust- Lemonbalm, Peppermint, Mugwort, Hyssop,

Dreams- Mugwort, Rose, Lavender, Uva Ursa

Mabon-Licorice Root, Vanilla, Clove, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Uva Ursi, Skullcap

Bath Tea $8/ sachet

Herbal bath tea with Epsom salts, Himalayan Salts, Essential oils and Sodium Bicarbonate